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Environmental protection

Services in the Protection of Environment


During the planned investment:

  • Project information sheet.
  • Reports on environmental impact.
  • Natural inventories.


During plant operation

  • Applications for integrated permits for enterprises in the agricultural sector and agro-food industry (biogas plants, pig and poultry farms, feed mixing plants, slaughterhouses, agri-food processing plants).
  • Initial reports or risk analyzes for installations requiring an integrated permit (requirement to transpose the IED 2010/75 / EU directive into environmental law).
  • Applications for permits for the introduction of gases and dust into the air.
  • Issue applications pursuant to art. 152 Environmental protection laws for installations that do not require emission permits.
  • Authorizations for the production, processing of waste collection, keeping records of waste.
  • Preparing annual reports for KOBIZE and PRTR.
  • Preparation of annual reports on quantities of waste generated and processed by the Marshal's Office.
  • Developing a list containing a summary of information on the use of the environment and the amount of fees due for the operation of installations, eg farms, biogas plants and other plants.
  • Preparation of the installation for control and representation of the entity before the Inspection of environmental protection.
  • Environmental outsourcing, which includes, for example, keeping records of waste, reports, conducting environmental monitoring resulting from administrative decisions, reporting to Environmental Protection Authorities,  etc.


Environmental protection

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