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Biogas plants



  • Development of business and technological concepts for new and existing biogas plants based, among others, on about the availability and type of raw materials, plans for the use of electricity and heat, existing infrastructure and possibilities for managing fermentation residues.

  • Profitability and SWOT analysis of biogas projects of ready biogas projects,

  • Independent technical and environmental analyze of biogas projects for due
    diligence assessments,

  • feasibility studies for new projects,

  • Organization of study trips to functioning combined biogas plants with the presentation of technological solutions.

  • Selection of technological solutions adapted to a specific project.

  • Analysis of offers and agreements regarding the purchase of machinery and equipment for biogas plants in terms of securing the interests of the investor and advice on the selection of optimal solutions in terms of technology and costs.

Obtaining administrative decisions and project documentation.

  • Obtaining a decision on environmental conditions for the undertaking.

  • Obtaining a decision on building conditions in the absence of local council.

  • Obtaining connection conditions to the network.

  • Development of a construction project with arrangements.

  • Obtaining a building permit.

Preparation of projects for the auction.

  • Preparation of the project for the auction, including: pre-qualification procedure, declarations, calculation of maximum and unitary state aid; recommendations regarding the volume of energy intended for the auction.

  • Comprehensive preparation of the auction offer for the investor.

  • Profitability assessment for projects with auction subsidy and support system feed in tariff (FIT) and feed in premium (FIP).

Technological commissioning and acceptance documentation:

  • Biogas plant start up to achieve full installation power.

  • Registration of a biogas plant in KOWR / Concession of the President of URE.

  • Customer support for efficient commissioning of biogas plants.

  • Obtaining a permit for the generation and processing of waste.

  • Preparation of an emission notification for a biogas plant with installed thermal power> 1 MW.

  • Obtaining approval for the operation of a biogas plant using substrates of animal origin (ABP`s cat. 2 and 3) by the Veterinary Inspection.


Comprehensive biotechnology service

  • Evaluating the suitability of substrates / waste for use in a biogas plant in terms of: technology, formal-legal and economic.

  • Comprehensive laboratory analyze: substrates, fermentation mass, fermentation residues.

  • Periodic evaluation of the biogas plant operation, where key parameters of the methane fermentation process are controlled on-site (including pH, FOS/TAC, biogas and dry matter measurements).

  • Organization of a laboratory stand for making determinations of the most important process parameters in a biogas installation.

  • Development of research schedules tailored to the individual needs of a given biogas plant.

  • Development of optimal substrate mixtures and their current update adapted to the current situation in the biogas plant.

  • Biological start-up of biogas plants or individual fermentation tanks after overloading the fermentation process resulting from repairs or maintenance.

  • Comprehensive analysis of production data along with guidelines for biogas plant staff on what actions to take to restore the stability of the production process.

Optimization of the production process in a biogas plant including:

  • improving the efficiency and stability of biogas and energy production,

  • reduction of operating costs,

  • organization of work in the plant - optimal use of human resources and material,

  • OHS and fire protection,

  • activity in accordance with applicable law, obtaining / updating administrative decisions in the area that allows flexible operation of biogas plants,

  • development of a production parameters reporting system,

  • development and implementation of internal procedures, checklists and schedules of maintenance and service work for the service.

Practical training for biogas plant operation in the field of proper operation and maintenance of the biogas plant

  • Substrates - physical-chemical properties, selection, principles of combining substrates.

  • Methane fermentation process and control of its course, early detection of irregularities.

  • Technology - critical points.

  • Good practices in the operation of biogas plants.

  • KPI - what and how to control in a biogas plant to function efficiently and cheaply

Biogas plant audits to identify areas for improvement

  • Work organization, staff knowledge about the operation of biogas plants,

  • Occupational health and safety

  • Factory documentation, data registration, applicable procedures.

  • Completeness of administrative decisions, reporting outside the organization.

  • Technical condition and proper operation of machines and devices in a biogas plant

  • Technological solutions in biogas plants that need improvement or modernization.

Administrative support

  • All required permits and decisions as well as reports related to environmental protection.

  • Reporting to public authorities.

  • Support for inspections carried out by state administration bodies.

  • Preparation of an application for recognition of digestion residues as a by-product by the Marshal's Office.

  • Obtaining a permit from the Ministry of Agriculture for placing on the market digestion residues as an organic fertilizer or soil improver.

Development and implementation of the HACCP system in a biogas plant

  • Preparation of an application for approval of a biogas plant.

  • Development of HACCP documentation based on: standard method processing, an alternative method of processing, a mixed method, i.e. a standard and an alternative one at the same time.

  • Development of a set of procedures in accordance with the requirements of EU Regulations No. 1069/2009 and 142/2011

  • Develop validation - an alternative method of transformation  animal by-products (ABP) at biogas plant in collaboration with a renowned center for scientific research, which executed a number of such expertise for a biogas plant in Poland.Developing a pest control program.

  • Full support for the client in contacts and arrangements with the Veterinary Inspection related to the plant approval process.


In the case of interest our offer, please visit also website www.haccp-biogazownia.pl here you will learn more about the formal and technical requirements which have to fulfill biogas plant processing animal byproducts.

Biogas plants

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