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Approval of a composting plant using kitchen waste by the Veterinary Inspection


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Each composting plant and biogas plant which processed catering (kitchen) waste coming from the selective collection of waste is required to obtain approval in the form of an administrative decision by the District Veterinary Officer.


According to the definition contained in Annex I to Regulation No. 142/2011, catering waste - means all food waste, including used cooking oil coming from restaurants, catering objects and kitchens, including collective kitchens and kitchens in homes.

Which means, that kitchen waste fit into the definition of catering waste used in veterinary regulations.

In turn, catering waste are qualified based on Article 10 let. p to Regulation No. 1069/2009 as animal by-products category 3.

Next regulation which confirms the necessity of applying to veterinary regulations in terms of processing kitchen waste into biogas is Article 2 para. 2, let. g, indent III to Regulation No. 1069/2009, quote:

2. The Provisions of this Regulation not apply to the following animal by-products:

(g) catering waste, unless:

(i) they come from means of international transport;

(ii) they are intended for forage;

(iii) they are intended for processing by pressure sterilization or for processing by methods, referred in Article 15 para. 1 sec. 1 let. b, or for transformation into biogas or for composting;

If catering waste or other animal by-products category 2 and/or 3 are planned for processing in compost or biogas there is an obligation to approve such installations by the Veterinary Inspection based on Article 24 para. 1 let. g to Regulation No. 1069/2009, quote:

Article 24 Approval of establishments or plants

The entities ensure that the controlled by them establishments or plants were approved by the competent authority, to which the place in, which these establishments or plants perform one or more of the following:

g) processing of animal by-products or derived products into biogas or compost;

Such obligation, occurs regardless of what further actions will be taken in the development of compost or fermentation residues, as their utilization or marketing as a product. Because, the activity subject to the supervision of the Veterinary Inspection concerns the processing of kitchen waste in the composting or anaerobic fermentation.

Exactly the same rules apply to agricultural biogas plants, industrial or anaerobic installations at sewage treatment plants, which use materials of animal origin for the production of biogas.

This is confirmed by the public register of approved biogas plants and composting plants, kept by the Chief Veterinary Inspectorate, which is located under the link:

It should also be remembered that, every entity that going to process animal by-products in biogas or compost, is required 30 days before the start of activity submit an application for approval of supervised activity to the District Veterinary Officer (Article 5, para. 2 of the Act of 11 March 2004 on the protection of animal health and against infectious animal disease).

The start of supervised activity is understood as processing in a biogas plant animal by-products (in the case of regional municipal waste treatment plants, kitchen waste).

Formalities must be completed, because operating without approval is associated with severe punishment up to 27 400 PLN based § 3 para. 1 let. b Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development dated 2 May 2014 on the amount of fines for violations specified in the provisions on the protection of animal health and the control of infectious animal diseases regarding the handling of animal by-products and derived products.

To get approval, beyond meeting the requirements in terms of appropriate infrastructure in the installation, you should also remember about obligation to develop and implement the HACCP system, this follows from Article 29 para. 1 let. b of Regulation No. 1069 of 2009, quote:

“Entities performing one of the following activities introduce, implement and keep in force a permanent written procedure or procedures based on a Hazard Analysis and Critcal Control Point System (HACCP) in relation to: transformation of animal by-products into biogas and compost".


In summary:

  • Processing into biogas or compost of materials that are qualified as animal by-products category 2 and 3 according to applicable regulations requires approval by the Veterinary Inspection independently from further proceedings with fermentation residues or compost.
  • The entity processing kitchen waste is obliged to obtain approval from the Veterinary Inspection in connection with activities subject to supervision.
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