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The Energy Regulatory Office gave the dates of next auctions!


The next auctions in 2018 for the sale of electricity from renewable energy sources will take place on: 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 19 and 20 November this year.

Auctions will be carried out in accordance with applicable regulations and based on the rules established under the Auction Rules, which is on the ERO website. The Internet Auction Platform will be used to conduct the auction, where producers intending to join the auction can set up accounts and register installations, for which you will be able to submit offers.

Only electricity producers who obtain a certificate of admission to the auction, referred to in Article 76 paragraph 1 of the Act on renewable energy sources, will be able to take part in the announced auctions.

In one auction producer may send more than one offer, only when the offers apply to different installations, which belong to the same producer and meet the parameters of the given auction. If in the session of a given auction will be made less than 3 offers (which meet the requirements specified in the Renewable Energy Sources Act), the auction will not take place.

Important information:

In accordance with the rules for submitting offers in auctions conducted in 2018, the offer made in the auction bind the auction participant and can not be modified or withdrawn. Therefore, individual values should be carefully entered into the offer form, especially: the selling price of the offered energy, the amount of energy offered for sale - including the division into individual calendar years, the value of investment aid and the adjusted price.

More information about the auction can be found on the website of the Energy Regulatory Office.

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