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The first RES auction this year has been concluded


The first RES auction this year was settled, which took place on November 3 and was intended for existing installations using only agricultural biogas, including high-efficiency cogeneration with an installed electrical capacity of more than 1 MW.


The amount of energy that could be sold in this basket was 2500 GW, and its value is 1,6 billion.


As a result, 500 GWh of energy was contracted for the value of nearly PLN 324 billion.


Seven bids were submitted in the auction. Five of them won and received support.


The Ordinary Auction No. AZ/1/2020 was won by the following companies:

- Biogas plant Rypin Sp. z o.o.

- Elektrownia Biogazowa Cychry Sp. z o. o.


- Nadmorskie Elektrownie Wiatrowe Sp. z o. o.

- Spółka Rolna Kalsk Sp. z o. o.


The maximum price at which energy was sold in the basket for agricultural biogas plants was 655 PLN / MWh, while the lowest price was 628 PLN / MWh.


You can find detailed information from the President of the ERO with the auction results at the link.

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