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Draft regulation on detailed requirements for waste storage


The draft ordinance of the Minister of the Environment on detailed requirements for waste storage was submitted to the Legal Affairs Committee.


The ordinance specifies detailed requirements for the storage of waste, including preliminary storage of waste by a waste producer, temporary storage of waste by a waste collection operator, and waste storage by a waste processing operator.


The regulation includes, among others detailed information on:

  • storage of hazardous waste in the amount exceeding 1 Mg,
  • storage of medical or veterinary waste with infectious properties;
  • storage of waste that may cause odor nuisance, i.e. mixed municipal waste, waste from the processing of municipal waste (including the sub-screen fraction from the mechanical-biological waste treatment process), biodegradable waste.

The ordinance also includes a template label for packaging, containers, containers, tanks and bags in which hazardous waste is stored.

The regulation is to enter into force on June 1, 2020.

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