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The deadline for submitting waste reports to BDO is approaching


We would like to remind you that in two days (i.e. until October 31, 2020) the deadline for submitting the annual report on waste generated and on waste management expires.


The following persons are required to submit a report:


1) waste producers obliged to keep waste records (full or simplified);


2) entities that collect or process waste and at the same time are required to keep records of waste;


3) entities engaged in the activity of extracting waste from a waste landfill or a waste dump, on the basis of a consent to extract waste or a decision approving the instructions for running a waste landfill in the post-exploitation phase.


From 01/01/2020, it is not possible to submit reports other than through the BDO system. Therefore, only entities with an entry in the BDO register and access to an individual account in BDO may submit a report.

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