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Changes concerning usage of municipal sewage sludge


Public consultation are ongoing for the proposal for a regulation of the Minister of Climate and Environment, changing the regulation on municipal sewage sludge.


The amended regulation defines detailed conditions for the use of municipal sewage sludge. It includes the dose which can be used on lands and also range, frequency and reference methods for municipal sewage sludge and land tests where mentioned earlier sludges will be used. All following the principles of environmental protection and protection of agricultural land.


The proposed regulation changing the regulation on municipal sewage sludge:

  • Defines the level of organic compounds in municipal sewage sludge intended for recovery,
  • Specifies an additional parameter that is the content of organic compounds in minicipal sewage sludge at level of up to 60% of dry matter – facilitating the assessment of the fulfillment of the requirement to stabilize sewage sludge,
  • Specifies activities associated with the discharge of municipal sewage sludge into the ground,
  • Clarifies the rules of municipal sewage sludge examination (this legal article, shows more precisely that each batch of sewage sludge requires separate examination, right before handing them over for surface application).

Furthermore, the proposed regulation is to eliminate the problem of performing municipal sewage sludge tests by laboratories that do not have the accreditation.


The draft of the above-mentioned regulation can be found at the following link.

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