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We are present on conference "COMPLEX WASTE MANAGMENT" in Kraków


We are kindly  inform that we will be the Partner of the conference "COMPLEX WASTE MANAGMENT" on 4-6 September 2018 in Kraków.
We invite our current and future clients to visit our stand.

We also encourage you to listen to our client's lecture from Zakład Gospodarowania Odpadów Gać Sp. z o.o. on the topic: "Biological processing of kitchen waste with the supervision of the Veterinary Inspection". For ZGO Gać Sp. z o.o. we completed the procedure of approving the anaerobic digestion installation by Veterinary Inspection using the validation of the fermentation process, which allowed the Company to achieve significant savings (no need to invest in pasteurization line for  animal by-products category 3) and acceleration of the entire biogas plant approval procedure by the Veterinary Inspection.

For those interested, we will be happy to explain all aspects related to the process of approving composting plants and anaerobic digestion installations by Veterinary Inspection, which use in the process by-products of animal origin, e.g. kitchen waste.

We will also present the advantages associated with the implementation of the procedure for the marketing of compost / digestion residues as a plant conditioner, especially in the aspect of shortening the time of storage wastes and the growing costs of their transfer to a landfill.

We kindly invite to Krakow!

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