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Record of waste in paper form until 31 December 2020.


As a result of the entry into force of the Act of May 14, 2020 amending certain acts in the field of protective measures in connection with the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, it is possible to keep records of waste in paper form until December 31, 2020. The only condition is to issue by the person transferring waste, a waste transfer card (KPO) or a municipal waste transfer card (KPOK) in this form.


Entities that already keep waste records in electronic form using the waste records module in the BDO, can still use it. However, it should be remembered that in the event of taking over the waste from the entity on the basis of the KPO / KPOK prepared in paper version, it is also necessary to start keeping records in this form.


In addition, entities that are required to obtain an entry in the BDO, until it is obtained, may still in 2020 keep a record of waste in paper form - the "Registration number" field should be left blank on the registration documents.

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