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BDO - check if you need to register!


The first element of BDO, i.e. the Register-BDO, was launched in January 2018.

The registration obligation applies to entities that introduce packaged products, tires, lubricating oils, vehicles, batteries or accumulators, electrical and electronic equipment, producers, importers and intra-Community buyers of packaging, transporting waste, separate collection points for municipal waste, producers of obligated waste to keep records. In connection with the above, the obligation to register may also apply to sole proprietorships required to keep records of waste.

Entities exempt from registration are:

  • natural persons and organizational units that are not entrepreneurs, which use waste for their own needs;
  • operators of the surface of the land on which municipal sewage sludge is applied to the cultivation of crops intended for the production of compost or the cultivation of non-food crops and for the production of feed;
  • entities in which unprofessional activity is carried out in the field of collecting packaging waste and waste in the form of used consumer goods, such as e.g. medicines and their packaging;
  • transporting the waste they have produced;
  • waste producer who is a farmer managing less than 75 ha of agricultural land;
  • entrepreneurs who produce only waste for which there is no obligation to keep a waste register in accordance with the Ordinance of the Minister of the Environment of 12 December 2014 on the types of waste and the amount of waste for which there is no obligation to keep a waste register.


From January 1, 2020, entry into the Register - BDO (and any changes to it), keeping waste records and reporting will only take place online, and the currently used form of the above-mentioned documents will cease to apply. Therefore, the operation of entities that will not register with BDO by the end of 2019 will be limited, because from January 1, 2020, if the entity generates waste and is not registered in BDO, it will not be able to legally transfer this waste, e.g. the transporting party, as it will not be able to generate a waste transfer card (KPO), as well as the transporting party will not be able to collect them without the card issued.


We encourage you to click on the link below and complete the questionnaire, which will help you determine whether you are required to register with BDO:


More information you can found at the link:



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